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  Generating Wealth
Requires investing in companies that consistently create value for shareholders. Value is derived from returns in excess of the cost of capital. This excess return is defined as "Economic Value Added" (EVA). Every company we invest in generates EVA.
Preserving Capital
Requires us, at times, to be risk-averse and willing to meaningfully reduce market exposure when uncertainty and valuations are elevated, even if momentum continues to push markets higher. Market index returns do not dictate our investment decisions.
Independent Thought
Drives our investment ideas. We avoid passively subscribing to consensus estimates and opinions. When necessary, we ask questions directly of corporate management. We use our own proprietary model to assess a company’s valuation before investing. Through internal research and analysis, we form our opinion of the economy and markets.
Business Financial Consulting
The valuation model we use to analyze capital market investments lends itself to determining the valuations of privately owned small businesses. Analysis of a company’s historical financial statements combined with cash flow projections enables us to discount future free cash flows to present value, thereby determining intrinsic valuation.

Assessing operating cash flow and the implications on valuation is critical for a small business owner contemplating either the sale or purchase of a business. We are also able to help business owners improve value creation and measure EVA.