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FalkerInvestments Inc. is a Minnesota-based Registered Investment Advisor providing investment management, financial planning, and financial consulting services to individuals and businesses across the country.
As a family business, we are committed to long-term, stable growth of our
client assets through conservative, valuation-based investing and financial management.

We put equal emphasis on generating wealth and preserving capital.
Preserving capital requires us, at times, to reduce market exposure when valuations and uncertainty are heightened. Market momentum does not dictate our investment decisions.
We build investment portfolios comprised of equities and investment-grade
bonds of companies that create Economic Value Added (EVA®). Using our
financial modeling expertise, we evaluate internal rates of return on capital and invest only in businesses where that return exceeds their cost of capital.
We also provide valuation services to business owners who wish to determine
the intrinsic value of their companies, based on discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation.
FalkerInvestments is located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul
with offices in Edina and Stillwater, Minnesota.



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